Protagonist of the animated short, © 2008 Florian Becker

»A Cup of Tea« is an animated short film. It is being created at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg as part of the »Interactive media systems« course of studies. It is part of the concluding thesis of Florian Becker.

The story tells of an old Chinese man living on top of a high mountain. When he recognizes that his teapot is empty he grabs a bowl and walks to the winch he usually uses to get water out of the river at the base of the mountain. After several failures the old man is worn out and, arguably, at the end of his rope, as well as soaking wet because it has started to rain. As he is ready to give up he becomes aware of the bowl filling with rainwater.

The story is based on an idea by Florian Becker in reference to Chinese philosophy. It is meant to make one smile as well as thoughtful.


Narrative structure

The film avoids language on purpose to tell the story solely using the images. This supports the contemplative atmosphere and ensures international understanding.I



The film is realized as a 3D-animation. The subdued music uses traditional instruments to build up an Asian atmosphere and serves dramaturgic means as well.



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